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For three generations, Lake Shore Burial Vault Company continues to provide quality and affordable precast concrete products to our customers.

We are a leading precast concrete manufacturer specializing in Residential Septic Systems and Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems to Burial Vaults and Columbaria. The company has two additional locations in Clinton and Columbus Wisconsin.

The current president of Lake Shore Burial Vault Company, Hubert J. McQuestion who was named after his grandfather, continues to maintain the company’s focus on producting excellent precast concrete products, delivering exceptional service to customers and on-time delieveries. Our reputation is built on the knowledge that we are in the business to keep you in business.

Advanced Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems
Lake Shore Burial Vault offers the full spectrum of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Products from Delta Environmental.

Products for both the residential and commercial marketplaces include: NSF Certified Advanced Wastewater Aerobic Treatment Systems, Pre-Engineered Drip Disposal Systems, and Custom Electrical Alarm & Control Panels.

All Onsite Wastewater Treatment products are the simplest and most effective on the market. They can be used with a broad spectrum of applications ranging from single & multi-family residences to commercial applications.

In addition to having the right equipment, Lake Shore offers you the total package including technical assistance, optional components and customer support for your single-source responsibility.


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