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Vault Materials

  1. Steel reinforced cover for added strength.
  2. Doric's Integra-Seal© forms an extra barrier from moisture after the vault is sealed.
  3. Ribbed inner liner of tough ABS Fiberlon©, Lustra-Tech©, or Durapreme© bonded to minimum 5000 psi reinforced concrete base and cover.
    For three generations, Lake Shore Burial Vault Company has been   providing high quality and superior service  to our customers.
We are a leading precast concrete manufacturer specializing in burial vaults, cremation urns, urn vaults and columbariums. Our manufacturing plant and corporate office is located in Brookfield Wisconsin.  Lake Shore Burial Vault has two additional locations in Wisconsin to service your needs. One in Clinton, which is just north of Beloit, and Columbus which is northeast of Madison Wisconsin.

The current president of Lake Shore Burial Vault Company, Hubert J. McQuestion who was named after his grandfather, continues to maintain the company’s focus on producing excellent precast concrete products, delivering exceptional service to customers and on-time delieveries. Our reputation is built on the knowledge that we are in the business to keep you in business.

•   Burial Vault
- A concrete burial vault is a lined, sealed, warranted burial receptacle which is specifically engineered to support  the weight of the earth as well as the heavy equipment passing over it.

•   Grave Liner -
A non-lined, non-sealed, non-finished reinforced concrete box.

A grave liner allows ground water to enter the container through drainage holes in the bottom and around the unsealed cover.
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