Know your Weather

All Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (POWTS) require regular maintenance and a proper understanding of what should and should not be introduce into your system.

Systems fail due to the accumulation of solids in the waste water disposal field preventing the effluent from passing into the soils or mound. This accumulation of solids is known as a "bio-mat".

When a system fails the wastewater can back up into your house, known as a "floor-event", or can discharges onto the surface above the drainfield, known as a "lawn event". Both events are the last warning signs that your system has now failed.

System Life
System life is dependent on several factors. A few of these factors a amount of water useage and water flow, types of solids disposed of,  and discharge of non-biodegradeable items into the system.

Understanding of how a POWTS works and what types of solids it can and cannot handle are essential to system life. A POWTS disposal systems or drain field can last 20-30 years or more if properly maintained. Please refer to Mound Systems and Conventional Systems for more details on these systems.

Crucial for System Survival
1. DO NOT use a garbage disposal.
2. DO NOT pour grease or oils down the drain.
3. DO NOT flush anything down the drain that is not biodegradeable.
          • Disposal Diapers
          • Coffee Grounds or Filters
          • Feminine Hygiene Products
          • Anything Plastic
          • Cigarette Butts
          • Paper Towels, Napkins, or Kleenex
          • Hair, Bandages, Rags, or String
4. DO NOT discharge water softener regeneration to the system.
5. DO NOT use any type of additive in your system. They don't work and can actually cause you problems.

1. DO Have your septic tanks pumped every two years.
2. DO Have a second septic tank installed. This will reduce your solid output to your disposal field by approximately 25%.
3. DO Have a septic tank filter installed.