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Lietzau Septic Pumping and Repair


1. How often should the septic system be pumped out?
Your system should be pump out every 2 – 3 years or when the combined volume of sludge and scum is greater than 1/3 of the tank volume. This practice will help prevent solids from building up that can clog your drainfield.

2. Who determines the period requiring system servicing requirements?
That State of Wisconsin Department of Commerce s. Comm 83.54 (3) (b,), Wisconsin Administrative Code as well as your local County Health and Sanitation Departments mandate these requirements.

3. Can a garbage disposal be used?
Garbage disposals are not recommended as food particles tend to clog up the system. If a disposal is used, it is recommended that you pump the system twice as often or increase your tank size by one third.

4. What are common household habits that create problems in used?
Grease is the worst thing in the system. Avoid using any drain as a disposal source. Inorganic items such as Coffee Grounds, Cooking Fats, Cigarette Butts, Disposable Diapers, Feminine Hygiene Products, Paper Toweling and Tissues should not enter the system.

5. Is there a special type of toilet paper required?
Yes. Select white paper especially recommended for septic system use. There are no dyes to break down in white paper.

6. What household cleaning products are safe?
A moderate use of cleansers, bleach and other household products should not harm the effectiveness of your system. It is best to use the manufactures recommended amount.

7. Is proper ventilation important?
If your system is not properly vented, methane gases could build-up and attack the interior of the concrete tank.

8. Can I inspect my tanks for problems?
Absolutely never go into the septic tank! Lethal gases build up in the tank which are deadly. Call a certified and trained professional if you have or suspect there is a problem.