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We are a leading manufacturer of precast concrete septic tanks. All of our products are delivered and set into the excavated hole for you or dropped at each job site.
Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Sytems (POWTS) are growing in complexity with increasing concerns for environmental safety along with the safety and health of the home owner.

A top priority for Lake Shore Burial Vault is to stay up to date of any changes and requirements that effective manufacturing practices or product design. Offering a full range of specialty products to meet the needs of residential and commercial uses.

All of Lake Shore Burial Vault’s tanks are manufactured in accordance with those requirements as set forth by ASTM C1227, Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services, and the NPCA Best Practices standards.

A full range of tank sizes in wide variety of product lines are available at all times. In addition, we inventory concrete and plastic risers, effluent filters, plastic distribution boxes, and leeching systems.

Choose from the many availble types of tanks for applications designed for application deigned for a Septic Tank, Holding Tank, Pump Tank or Combination Tank.