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Lake Shore Burial Vault was founded by Hubert J. McQuestion along with his mother Mary and his brother William McQuestion in 1911 as a precast concrete producer specializing in concrete burial vaults and boxes. Located in Kenosha, WI, they primarily serviced the counties of Racine and Kenosha under the name of North Shore Cement Burial Vault Company.

The primary goals of the company soon earned Hubert the reputation for being an honest businessman, who was good to his customers, his employees and fair with his competition.

The company moved to Milwaukee, WI in 1936 which would later change the name to Lake Shore Burial Vault Company. During the next twenty years, the company flourished, becoming the largest supplier of burial vaults in Southeastern Wisconsin.

During the mid 1950s the company built a new manufacturing plant in Brookfield, WI. Recognizing a growing market for septic systems, the company devoted their resources to the development of septic tank designs and entered this marketplace early in the 1960s.
Today and Tomorrow

Three generations later, Lake Shore Burial Vault Company is continuing to provide quality and affordable precast concrete products to our customers. We are a leading precast concrete producer specializing in everything from Septic Systems and Advanced Wastewater Systems to Burial Vaults and Columbaria.

The company has three satellite plants. Two are in Wisconsin located in Clinton and Columbus and our Midwest Operations facility is located in Valparaiso, Indiana.

The current president of Lake Shore Burial Vault Company, Hubert J. McQuestion and his sister, Kelly McQuestion, the vice president, continue to maintain the company’s focus on producing excellent precast concrete products, delivering exceptional service to our customers and on-time deliveries.

Our reputation is built on the knowledge that we are in the business to keep you in business.