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Lake Shore Burial Vault's goal is to provide our customers with the products they want, when they want them, and at a reasonable cost. The desire to offer you the best products and service is our goal each and every day. We currently maintain one of the largest fleet of boom trucks for its sales area in the States of Wisconsin, Indiana and Illinois. Most tanks offer same day delivery to the majority of Wisconsin.

All stock items are usually available for same day delivery, year round. For tank deliveries that require more than one truck, advance notice is greatly appreciated. A first come, first serve policy is honored at all times.
Credit and Billing
We can offer credit to our customers. Upon completion and review a credit application, new credit accounts can be established. We bill at the end of each month with terms of 1% / 10 days – Net 30 days. Late payments will result in monthly finance charges of 1.5% per month. Chronic late payment may result in the account being made Cash on Delivery (COD).
We offer a discount for those contractors who wish to set tanks themselves. Because we save time on a job site by just dropping product off, we are able to pass these savings along to the customers who set their own tanks. We can deliver product as far ahead as the customer desires. Please see Lake Shore Burial Vault Company’s current price list for the particulars regarding this sales policy. Also please consult the product blueprints for the weight of each. We also provide a lifting bar and cover hooks for placing all of our tanks sizes 750 Gallons to 1,200 Gallons. Lifting bars for tanks larger in size are available upon request.

Special Orders

Have you reviewed our manual and still not found what you’re looking for? Need a special manhole? Want a new product added to our line? Considering a modification to one of our current designs? Let us know. We are always looking for new products to improve our ability to meet your specific needs. Any Questions – Ask McQuestion.

Also, please note that special orders may present scheduling problems. Alterations to our products may require approval from the State of Wisconsin’s Department of Commerce Plumbing and Products Division. This process can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks, typically. We also do not stock special orders. So if you require additional inlets and/or outlets, a special or extra manhole opening or anything else, lead times of 4 – 6 weeks are typically required to allow for sufficient scheduling and curing time, ensuring the product performs properly.