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The Delta Environmental ECOPOD® Series is a fixed film wastewater treatment unit which is characteristically stable, reliable, and robust. Fixed film treatment is preferred by many engineers, designers, and regulators for a number of reasons. The ECOPOD® can handle inconsistent flows, resist washout, and will not starve out as quickly as other technologies. The poly media utilized in the bioreactor will not wear out, and never requires replacement.

• Fixed Film Bioreactor
• NSF 40 Class I Approval
• NO Activated Sludge Created
• NO Internal Moving Parts
• NO Internal Filters or Diffusers to Clean
• Both CONCRETE and FIBERGLASS Tank Units Available
• Initial 2-Year Maintenance Agreement Included

The ECOPOD® unit can be installed in Lake Shore Burial Vault's approved Three Compartment Concrete Tank or in Delta's round fiberglass tank.

The patented treatment process includes the ECOPOD® bioreactor POD and an intra-tank clarifier surrounding it.

The ECOPOD® can attain a 49% nitrogen reduction without any modifications to the unit.

The ECOPOD® is a great solution for single residences, clustered developments, and small to medium commercial applications. With no moving parts inside the unit and a self-sustaining media-maintenance costs are extremely low.

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