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Cremation may serve as an alternative to the interment of the casketed remains. Cremated remains may be buried in memorial sites or cemeteries, or they may be legally retained by relatives or dispersed on a variety of ways and locations without posing a health risk. It is important to note that cremation is not the final disposition. After the cremation process, a container of cremated remains should receive the same respect and be handled in the same manner as a full casketed body. Burial of the cremated remains allows family members the opportunity to memorialize the deceased.

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Ground Burial

The cremated remains are placed in a suitable container of the families' choice. This container is placed in an urn vault, which provides protection of the cremated remains when buried. A ground burial allows for a graveside service to take place, memorialization of the site and a place to visit. The continuation of the family legacy at the cemetery is ensured.
Ground Burial Final Disposition Benefits
  • Relocation / Recovery
  • Memorialization / Marker
  • Defined Place of Rememberance
  • Sharing