Funeral Directors

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The funeral has many social, psychological and spiritual dimensions. Funerals provide a setting for bereaved to come together with friends and relatives to respond to the death of a loved one.
Within the structure of the funeral, the bereaved share in services and ceremonies that put life and loss in perspective. They acknowledge the death, tell the stories, regain a sense of community and offer support to each other. The funeral can be the first step to recovering from grief. There are many service options available to memorialize a loved one.
Choosing cremation does not prevent family and friends from participating in the ceremonies of a traditional funeral. Cremation does not mean that a family will not be able to participate in rituals that are part of their family tradition or custom. Selecting cremation is merely selecting a method of disposition just like burial, entombment or making an anatomical gift.
There are several options for disposition of the cremated reamins of a loved one. They include burial in a grave, inurnment in a columbarium, entombment, scattering (on land or at sea), or other respectful means of memorilization.