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The Patrician, Phoenix, Arcadian and Titan make up our double wall collection of burial vault products and is available for families that want the best in double wall protection.

Burial Vault Features and Benefits

The Patrician is the premium vault in our double wall collection. It is constructed using an ABS Lustra-Tech® super high-impact plastic inner liner. This high-gloss material has a bonded acrylic overlay for the classic look of marble. A matching Lustra-Tech® cover carapace is formed into both sides of the vault cover for an elegant marble-look finish. The carapace is available in a wheat, cathedral or rose design.

The middle of our double wall vault collection are the Phoenix and Arcadian. These two models are constructed using a polystyrene plastic Fiberlon® inner liner. Fibers are added to this plastic liner to improve impact and compressive strength.

The Titan is the minimum of the double wall vaults we produce. It is constructed using a polystyrene plastic Durapreme® inner liner. Durapreme® exhibits toughness and flexural strength.

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