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Most cemeteries require families selecting ground burial to use an outer burial container to protect the casket from outside elements which, over time, will  cause the casket to deteriorate.

Burial vaults exceed cemetery requirements for a permanent outside enclosure to house the casket and remains. They are designed, depending on model, with varying degrees of strength to endure the stress caused by the weight of the earth and heavy cemetery equipment passing over the grave. Burial vaults protect the casket from the elements and allow it to function properly.

Lake Shore Burial Vault performs testing to insure our products meet or exceed quality standards at the national level since our beginning.
Types of Loads
There are three different types of loads that an outer burial container can experience after interment.
The weight of the earth from the top of the receptacle to the surface. This load is decreasing.
Static load plus the weight of what is passing over the surface. Such as a backhoe, dump truck or vault cart. This load is increasing.

The most concern to manufacturers, it combines static and dynamic loads plus the pounding and vibration caused by heavy equipment.