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The Doric line of handcrafted Cultured Marble Urn Vaults is a man made product that has much of the durability and beauty of natural marble and is available in five different colors and two styles. The tall upright style has a beautiful hi-gloss finish and accommodates most urn styles. The short or chest style also has a beautiful hi-gloss finish and accommodates most horizontal style urns. Both sizes are available with an inner liner of bronze, copper or stainless steel. Match your urn vault with a color coordinated cultured marble urn.

Concrete Urn Vaults are made of specially formulated, reinforced concrete that continues to gain strength even after it has been placed in the ground. Concrete urn vaults with a ribbed plastic lining in the base and cover joined with a butyl sealing system offers long-lasting protection. Lake Shore Burial Vault Company manufactures a complete line of concrete urn vaults that match our burial vault line.

The classic lightweight design of the Revere Urn Vault makes it ideal for those families choosing to make their own disposition arrangements for their loved ones. Polymer technology is used to create a strong, versatile urn vault which is joined with Doric's special Integra-Seal® to merge the base and cover into a single unit. Available in chestnut brown and pewter.

Tall Cultured Marble specifications:
Outside Dimensions: 15.5"l x 12.5"w x 16.5"h
Inside Dimension: 11.5"l x 8.5"w x 13.5"h
Weight: 85lbs
Short Cultured Marble specifications:
Ooutside Dimensions: 15.5"l x 12.5"w x 11"h
Inside Dimension: 12.25"l x 9.25"w x 8"h
Weight: 65lbs

Concrete Urn Vault Specifications:
Metal Lined Bronze, Lydian, and Athenian
Outside Dimension:15"l x 15"w x 18.5"h
Inside Dimension: 10.375"l x 10.375"w x 12.75"h
Weight: Cover 42lbs, Base 95lbs

Revere Urn Vault Specifications:
Outside Dimensions: 15.4"l x 15.4"w x 16.4"h
Inside Dimensions: 9.5"l x 9.5"w x 12.75"h
Weight: 18lbs